Magnetic Materials

Hard Sintered Ferrite

Sintered Ferrite (Fe) magnets (hard ferrite magnets) have a wide application area. Their prie-quality mix is excelltn. To a great extenet this material can withstand corrosion

If used correctly, the magnetic performance can be guaranteed for life..


Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are made based on rare earth.

Currently the most powerful magnets available are those fabricated from neodymium. This opens up and important application area, wher space is limited, or wher high dynamics are demanded


Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Powerful magnets (SmCo) that are able to withstand high temepratures of up to 250 Degrees Centigrade. They are made of the rare earth samarium and cobalt. On account of the exceptional hardness of the materiall, they can only be worked with the use of diamond tools.


Alnico Magnets

Magnets that are suitable for use in extremely high temperatures of up to 500 degree centigrade are those made from an alloy of aluminium, nickel and cobalt (AlNiCo).


The material possesses an extraordinary mechanicla hardness.


Flexible Magnetic Materials

Flexible magnetic sheet/tape ia a permanently magnetised synthetic rubber-based material which has countless applicattions in products such as advertising signs on automobiles, maps and deirectional signs, games, promotional articles, exhibition materials, poster hangers, price cards, etc.


B.M.Magnetics (UK) Ltd can offer a varied range of flexible magnetic materials in various types and formats.




Soft Ferrite Materials

A class of magnetic oxide (ceramic) material which finds a wide application in electronics equipment. Particular applications for this materials are  wound components such as inductors and transformers.





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