Office Magnets

Ceiling magnets


With B.M.Magnetics (UK) Ltd ceilig magnets, used in conjunction with most ceiling systems, it's possible to hang posters and other promotional materials wherever you want, without drilling or damaging walls or ceilings.


They can be supplied in 4 types:

 - Circular white painted steel with open hooks

- Circular encased in plastic with open hooks

- Rectangular encase dfin plastic with open hooks

- Neodymium ceiling magnets

Magnets mounted in plastic


B.M.Magnetics (UK) Ltd can supply many types of plastic covered magnets for planning and organisational systems, they can also be produced with appropriate imprints for promotional purposes. They can be supplied in the following formats.


- Circular with rounded upper surface (Isotropic and Anisotropic)

- Rectangular with flat upper surface (Isotropic and Anisotropic)













A Handy system for quickly and clearl;y hangi9ng up persoal notes, memorandums and notices. Can be used again and again. The memostrip is supplied 500mm in length and 50mm in width.


Ferrous Cardboard


Together, B.M.magnetics (UK) Ltd magnetic sheets and ferrous cardboard are ideal for the development of instruction systems, planning systems, games, etc. The material can printed using either silk-screen or offset processes. Available in rolls or loose sheets.

Magnetic Labels


B.M.Magnetics (UK) Ltd magnetic labels are avaiable in white or coloured models. They can alos be produced with a special coating which can be written on with non-permanent markers. We can supply 3 types detailed below:


- 0.6 x 100 x 20mm

- 0.6 x 100 x 30mm

- 0.6 x 150 x 50mm

Magnetic C-profile


This magnetic C-profile offers an alternative to magnetic labels. This material is actually a holder for conventional paper labels. The product is avaiable in either rolls or loose labels. In widthe from 10mm to 50mm, supplied in 50mtr roll lengths.

Magnetic tool holders


Magnetic tool holders can be used anywhere wher it is desirable to store tools in and organsied manner within easy reach. They are especially handy in workship[s and in the kitchen. They are avaialble in three styles:


- Wooden tool Holders

- Plastic tool Holders

- Heavy wooden tool holders with ceramic systems

Magnetic picture hooks


Magnetic picture hooks are used in offices, museums, cultural centres and similar facilites where metal walls or room dividers are present. The hooks are mounted on strong, very flat magnets wiht a considerable surface area. Availble in 4 sizes.

Rubber coated magnetic blocks


The combination of this very powerful magnet and anti-slip surface makes this an excellent choice for hanging heavy objects such as white boards on steel walls

Dimensions - 75 x 50 x 10m


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