Workholding Magnets

Neodymium magnetic chucks


These types of permanent magnetic chuck have an ultra-fine pole distribution. They have a very low height (40mm) which means ther is the possiblity of clamping taller pieces of work than with conventional types as well as allowing a wider selection of macghines to be used. They can be supplied in many sizes from 150mm x 100mm up to 450mm x 150mm. We can also supply in ferrite formats.

Precision Neodymium sine tables


Our range of B.M.Magnetics (UK) Ltd precision sine tables are suitable for very accurate grinding operations of pieces of work with non-paralell faces. We can supply 7 differrent types from 150mm x 100mm up to 350mm x 150mm. They can alkso be supplied in ferrite formats.



Circular magnetic chucks


These types of chucks exert a high even clamping force over the entire surface area. They are often used on lathes, grinders, drafting and separation tables. We offer 11 different models from D160mm x 75mm up to D800mm x 110mm. They can also be suppolied with a radil pole distribution in 4 models from D102mm x 48mm up to D305mm x 71mm.



Elctromagnetic chucks


Our range of electromagnetic chucks offer a very high clamping force and are especially sutable for series production lines and thwe handling of very large pieces of work. We offer over 20 models from 400mm x 200mm up to 1000mm x 500mm.



As well as the workholding products above we can also supply the following:


- Laminated blocks and bars

- Lifting magnets (Electro and Permanent)

- Demagnetising sytems

- Dial gauge stands

- Sheet separators

- Neodymium pot magnets


- Ferrite pot magnets

- Samarium cobalt pot magnets

- Alnico pot magnets

- Electro pot magnets and bars

- Red painted magnets (horseshoe, shallow and button formats)

- Magnetic welding clamps and magnetic positioners


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